We are pleased to announce the 2nd OntoPortal Alliance Workshop in Lecce, Italy from September 26-29, 2023.

The 2023 workshop will feature 2 public (open to all interested parties) online events:

  • A virtual public session, September 27th, 16h-18h CEST will address the Ontology Development Lifecycle. This session will show examples that integrate ontology development with the OntoPortal platform, and follow with a user panel discussion—including community members using OntoPortal—and audience Q&A on the challenges and opportunities in the lifecycle and OntoPortal. Please register for this session here.

  • The FAIR-IMPACT Semantic Artefact governance workshop, September 28th, 16h30-18h30, a public workshop organized by the EOSC project FAIR-IMPACT’s T4.1 on governance and semantics. Please register for this session here.

The OntoPortal Alliance collaborators share their software and strategies for supporting research communities, and together determine the open source OntoPortal system that others can use for their own purposes. The rest of the event is restricted to the Alliance members or by invitation only. Please contact us if you would like to participate to other sessions:

  • Member/portal updates
  • Demonstration of new features
  • Multilingual OntoPortal
  • OntoPortal federated services
  • Ontology versioning and diffs
  • OntoPortal mapping repository
  • Coding practices
  • Content governance

Please join us to learn more about OntoPortal and the community of support that works together to make it publicly available.

For more information please contact: