We are thrilled to announce the official release of our updated Virtual Appliance, OntoPortal Release 3.0 (3.0.2, to be precise). Most of the technical details are documented in our OntoPortal Administration Manual (also new!), but here’s the quick scoop on the most urgent things for you to know.

What’s In It?

Lots of good stuff. Here’s the quick take:

  • All the features, speed, and reliability in the latest BioPortal code
  • Improved annotations: AnnotatorPlus from LIRMM’s AgroPortal team
  • Easier installation as a Virtual Machine
  • Support for Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) deployments
  • Immediate gratification with a 30-day trial installation
  • Easy registration (free to non-profits and educational institutions)
  • Compatibility with Allegrograph v7.0 (we tested it!) via SPARQL 1.1
  • Easier upgrading and “upgrade available” notifications
  • Easier, more powerful administration features
  • Better documentation to get your Appliance up and running faster
  • So many bug fixes, API enhancements, and speed improvements

How do I get it and use it?

It’s simple!

We tried to make this easier for you to get started. So you get a 30-day trial period to play with it, then you’ll need to register to avoid the nag-ware (and to be compliant with the usage requirements).

About licensing

For more information about the licensing of our 3.0 OntoPortal software, please visit our License Terms documentation. The source code is still open source with a BSD license, and non-commercial users can get a free software license to use the distributed application.

Other news

There will be a few more announcements in coming weeks to familiarize you with the new elements in the system. Let us know what you want to hear about at [email protected].

We’ll be announcing this on social media (twitter @bioontology and @ontoportal (new!), and when we can on LinkedIn). Please follow us and spread the word! Thanks.