The OntoPortal Alliance is an emerging consortium that will focus on establishing, advancing, and sustaining OntoPortal software and services for the research community.

We saw the need for the OntoPortal Alliance as the number of BioPortal software deployments continued to grow, and as more funded and targeted repositories built around the NCBO BioPortal software identified an increasing array of common needs and goals. I’m delighted to help this public community become established to carry BioPortal’s tradition of research support forward.

Dr. Mark Musen, Principal Investigator, National Center for Biomedical Ontologies

Working together, Dr. Mark Musen (BioPortal)), Dr. Clement Jonquet (AgroPortal and SIFR), Dr. Nicola Fiora (EcoPortal), and Dr. Xiaolin Yang (MedPortal) are planning next steps to advance the OntoPortal Alliance and its shared community.

Contact [email protected] for more information on this exciting initiative!